About Mel Parker Books

After nearly forty years as an editor and publisher, I've worked in virtually every area of book publishing, from hardcover and paperback publishing to direct marketing, book clubs, book packaging, and literary representation.

As a literary agent, I represent nonfiction authors in categories such as narrative nonfiction, memoir/biography, business, health, science, technology, history, and politics. I look to represent authors who are thought leaders in business, journalism, government, and academia and have unique and newsworthy book ideas.

Having also helped launch the careers of many bestselling fiction authors, I represent voice-driven upmarket and commercial fiction, especially literary fiction, psychological suspense, and crime fiction.

I take on very few projects and have a small, select client list. So I can devote a lot of time and attention to each of my authors. I think of myself as a fierce advocate for my clients and believe few literary agents are as invested as I am in helping advance an author's career.

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Mel Parker