About the Agency

Mel Parker is a literary agent with a long track record of helping authors succeed. After nearly 40 years as an editor and publisher, working with bestselling authors like Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Nelson DeMille, Scott Turow and Dean Koontz, Mel brings a wealth of experience to the task of representing authors and helping them navigate the publishing world.

“Mel’s smarts, his sense of what makes a great story, and his ability to get books across to the public make him an invaluable publishing professional.”

—James Patterson

News from Mel Parker Books

Robert McCaw’s new mystery novel, Fire and Vengeance, is the #1 Bestseller in Political Thrillers and Suspense on Amazon Kindle!


EXHALE: Hope, Healing, and a Life in Transplant by David Weill, M.D., former director of the Stanford Transplant Program, to Post Hill Press for publication in May 2021.

FACING YOURSELF: The Power of Self-Reflection to Grow Self-Compassion, Emotional Resilience, and Deeper Relationships by  Barnard/Columbia Psychology Professor Tara Well, Ph.D. to New Harbinger for publication in 2022.