About the Agency

Mel Parker is a literary agent with a long track record of helping authors succeed. After nearly 40 years as an editor and publisher, working with bestselling authors like Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Nelson DeMille, Scott Turow and Dean Koontz, Mel brings a wealth of experience to the task of representing authors and helping them navigate the publishing world.

“Mel’s smarts, his sense of what makes a great story, and his ability to get books across to the public make him an invaluable publishing professional.”

—James Patterson

News from Mel Parker Books


MIRROR MEDITATION: The Power of Neuroscience and Self-Reflection to Overcome Self-Criticism, Gain Confidence, and See Yourself with Compassion by Tara Well, Ph.D. was published by New Harbinger in June 2022.  German, Korean, Russian, Taiwanese and Arabic rights sold. Audio rights to Brilliance Audio.

THE INVISIBLE PROMISE: A Field Guide to Marketing in an Upside-Down World by Harry Beckwith was sold to Matt Holt Books for publication in October 2022. Audio rights sold to Recorded Books.

THE NEW CITY: The Four Pillars of Our Sustainable Future by Dickson Despommier, Ph.D. was sold to Columbia University Press for publication in Fall 2023. Dickson Despommier recently appeared on CBS SUNDAY MORNING for a segment on vertical farms.