About the Agency

Mel Parker is a literary agent with a long track record of helping authors succeed. After nearly 40 years as an editor and publisher, working with some of the most popular storytellers of our time, such as Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Nelson DeMille, Scott Turow and Dean Koontz, Mel brings a wealth of experience to the task of representing authors and helping them navigate the publishing world.

“Mel’s smarts, his sense of what makes a great story, and his ability to get books across to the public make him an invaluable publishing professional.”

—James Patterson

News from Mel Parker Books


STRIVING FOR JUSTICE: A Black Sheriff in the Deep South by Nathaniel Glover was published by Frederick Douglass Books—audio rights to Recorded Books.

THE NEW CITY: How to Build Our Sustainable Urban Future by Dickson Despommier, Ph.D., was published by Columbia University Press--audio rights to Redwood Audiobooks.

A CALL TO FARMS: Finding the Way Back to Nature, Food, and Community in the Modern World by Jennifer Grayson will be published by Countryman Press/W.W. Norton for publication in July 2024.