The Structure House Weight Loss Plan

Achieve Your Ideal Weight Through a New Relationship with Food

by Gerard J. Musante, PhD

Praise for The Structure House Weight Loss Plan

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan is purposeful, thoughtful, and rich in useful content on every page.  If you have weight to lose, health to gain, and your life to reclaim and reorient toward a better destiny, then you definitely can, and most certainly should, try this at home!”
– David L. Katz, MD, MPH, FACPM, FACP, Yale University School of Medicine and Medical Contributor, ABC News/Good Morning America

“Think of Dr. Musante as a ‘life coach’ who…can help you win your battle with weight loss.”
– Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke Basketball

About the Book

Redefine Your Relationship With Food—and Reach Your Ideal Weight.

Obesity expert Dr. Gerard Musante and his residential weight loss center, Structure House, have helped over 30,000 people lose weight. Now, Dr. Musante’s innovative ideas and effective treatment methods are yours for the price of this book.

It’s Not Food that Makes You Fat—It’s Your Eating Behavior.

Through his thirty years of experience, Dr. Musante has shown that is your relationship with food that determines your ability to reach your ideal weight.  His system targets behaviors resulting from habit, boredom, or stress that lead to unstructured eating—eating for non-nutritional reasons—and presents concrete methods for designing new, structured eating patterns.  You’ll learn to isolate your unhealthy eating, recognize and neutralize the food triggers that cause your unstructured eating, and stop using food to satisfy needs other than hunger. Dr. Musante’s method gets to the root of these behaviors by completely reconstructing your daily experience with food and therefore the choices that you make about what to eat.

The Structure House Weight Loss Plan presents Dr. Musante’s Structured Eating system. You will learn to eat nutritious food in appropriate portions three times a day—the eating that you need to meet nutritional requirements and to reach and maintain the level of weight you desire.  The Structured Eating program is presented in three distinct phases.

The first phase, Get Structured, guides you through making the changes that will guarantee success.  This phase includes understanding your eating behaviors that emerge from habit, boredom, and stress; learning how the organization of your refrigerator and cabinets leads to weight loss or weight gain; and analyzing the attitudes toward food of the people who surround you at work and at home.

In the second section of the book, Be Structured, you learn about food choices, practice meal planning, including grocery shopping and food preparation, and identify the right kinds of exercise that will enhance your success.

In the final section of the book, Stay Structured, Dr. Musante shares all the proven secrets of overarching lifestyle change that will help you take and, more important, keep the weight off.  The strategies are both large and small, simple and profound, immediate and long-lasting. Using the Structure House approach, you’ll be in control of food—not controlled by it.  You’ll gain power by taking responsibility—and then you can take credit for your successes.

About the Author

Gerard J. Musante, Ph.D. is founder and Director of the Structure House Center for Weight Control and Lifestyle Change. As one of the nation’s leading experts on obesity, he has helped thousands of overweight and obese people overcome their battles with weight and health issues. Dr. Musante also continues to serve as a consulting professor in psychiatry and behavioral sciences for Duke University Medical Center and the Duke University School of Medicine. He and his Structure House program have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, People, USA Today, and on 60 Minutes, Anderson Cooper 360, and Good Morning America. He lives in Durham, North Carolina.


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