Mel Parker Books focuses primarily on high-profile narrative nonfiction, and books in the categories of business, health, science, current affairs, memoir/biography, politics and pop culture.

We’re always looking for media-savvy authors and journalists with an established platform and audience who are thought leaders in their fields of expertise, who have a unique and marketable message and story, and can communicate across multiple media channels, from radio and television appearances to speaking engagements.

Some questions to ask before submitting material to Mel Parker Books:

1. Is my book idea unique—and newsworthy?
2. Have I studied the competition for my book and determined how it adds to the present marketplace of titles on the subject?
3. Do I have an idea of what the market is for my book—and how big that market could be?
4. Do I have the professional and personal background and qualifications to write the book, either as the principal author or in collaboration with a co-author?


We prefer email queries first—which should be a few paragraphs about your book idea—not completed proposals or manuscripts. However, given the volume of submissions we receive, we can respond only to the projects that interest us. If, after we’ve received your query, we request your proposal or manuscript, we prefer that you send it to us on an exclusive basis.

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